THE BEAT ON RUBY’S STREET: A story for teens, pre-teens and everyone, A Review


Jenna Zark’s (author of A Body of Water) 2013 publication taught me more about the Beat Generation, Beatniks of the 1950s, and especially about “Beat Poetry” than I learned in an undergraduate class on Modern Poetry, which explored the subject. It is a fine book told from the point of Ruby, an eleven-going-on-twelve year old girl who lives in The Village in New York. She seems to be a “typical”pre-teen who has a “typical” cat, Solange.  Her mother, Nell, aka “Little Nell” is an artist, and her father, Gerard, aka “Gary-Daddy-O” is often on the road, playing bass. As Ruby tells us about The Beat Generation, “When it first  started, it was about people who were” beat up and fed up by the”System”, aka “The Man.”  Ruby had been making up poems by age four and writing them down by age seven. Her idol is Jack Kerouac, whom she describes…

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9 thoughts on “THE BEAT ON RUBY’S STREET: A story for teens, pre-teens and everyone, A Review

  1. We are fine and no water in house. We do have our new couch up on sawhorses. We’re too old for this stress! LOL The storm is supposed to go north. Only a few inches expected today, so maybe flooded street will drain into the bayou, then to the river, then into the Gulf. It is predicted, however, that Harvey will turn, and come south and hit us again. Pray that it will NOT go into the Gulf again, sit over the warm waters and come back with another whammy. Getting hit twice (as is the prediction currently) is bad enough. We are trapped in our little town, but we have a great police department and those we have taught over the years are checking on us, like the man across the street. About three a.m. I looked out to see if the street had gone down (it had) and could see the glow of his cigarette on his porch. It was very reassuring. I have peace in my heart from all the prayers coming at us and over us from VA and NC relatives. You might want to reconsider your planned trip south.


  2. Hi Rae, I didn’t know you were in the path of the storm and hope you and your family continue to be safe! Heart goes out to everyone dealing with Harvey right now. I also want to thank you for your review – and appreciate you taking the time to post it in the midst of all you are going through.


  3. Yes, I am sure you have – many people out here thinking of you and if there is something I can do to help – please let me know.


    1. TY we are ok. So far high and dry. Had some scary moments last night (Mon. night), but today other than high winds, things are better. We are expecting extensive flooding as the waters of Houston drain down to the Gulf and just have gotten word of a dam breach. I don’t know how far away it is. We are in northern Brazoria county, thirty miles north of Galveston; thirty miles south of Houston.


      1. Good to know you are OK – though I can’t believe the amount of rain – unprecedented. I wish you all could leave – fly out of there. Even to Mexico for a little while… !!


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