Tuesday Teaser


Tuesday Teaser is a bookish meme from The Purple Booker.  The idea is to open a book you are reading at random, copy a couple of sentences and “tease” other readers into reading the same book.

Mine today is from a book selected for this quarter by PWR.  It is by Madeline Engle, author of scientific science fiction, and the selection begins near the beginning of the book where the twins, Sandy and Dennys, enter their Phd dad’s laboratory where a computer program dealing with time travel is in progress.  They think they may have “disturbed something”,

“Stupid.  We were stupid, mucking around with an experiment-in-progress… we should have stopped to think…Dispite the intense heat Dennys shivered…’Shade’ croaked Dennys.  Do I see a palm tree?”

Soon in this time-travel novel involving the same tesseract theory from A Wrinkle in Time, but this time computer generated, Many Waters has Sandy…

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