13 Reasons Why You Need to Watch “13 Reasons Why”

Wanderess Bibliophile

Hello lovelies! This is a bit of a different post from me today, but it’s an important one. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection recently, and then I watched the new Netflix TV show that’s taking the world by storm “13 Reasons Why”, and it really hit a nerve. This is a beautifully made TV show which accurately represents so many things, and depicts how hard being a teenager can actually be. For this reason, I wanted to make this list. This is for those of you out there who haven’t watched this show yet, and still need some more convincing.

I’m not going to be including any spoilers, so no need to worry.


1. Depicts perfectly how hard it is to be a teenager today. Being a teenager is never easy due to all the changing variables in our lives, and this show just gets it

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