Change of Plan!

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I had another Post planned for today, but Carol came across a three minute video from TV2 Denmark! I found  it so moving, and so particularly relevant in our current times, that… well here it is! It would seem to me that the more “mileage” this video gets, the better off we should all be.

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JUST LIKE JESUS by Max Lucado: A Review


This book, published in 1991 came from my church library and was a very inspirational read from my favorite inspirational author.  The premise is, “God loves you the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way.  He wants you to be…Just Like Jesus.”  Sounds impossible?  I thought so too.  However, Lucado gives examples of people learning to be like Jesus in some hard relationship situations and offers encouragements and strategies to act/think/be more like Jesus in those situations.  Lucado helps us develop a heart like Jesus’: a forgiving heart, a compassionate heart, a listening heart, a God-intoxicated heart, a worship-hungry heart, a focused heart, an honest heart, a pure heart, a hope-filled heart, a rejoicing heart, an enduring heart…(chapter titles) and he tells us the way to do this is to focus on Jesus, to “fix your eyes upon Him.”

There is also an excellent study guide…

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A Fact Is a Fact Is a Fact…



“Alternative facts” is the latest oxymoron going around Washington, D.C., these days.

There are always lots of oxymorons in our nation’s capital, but this one seems particularly appropriate to my recent item concerning precise wording.

How can a fact be anything other than a fact? The sky is blue. That’s a fact.

Whether it is a happy blue or a sad blue is a matter of conjecture.

If I said the sky is blue today but I didn’t look out my window to verify it was so, then I would be making a supposition. (How many times have you heard a weather reporter say it was a beautiful, sunny day when it was pouring rain, and you screamed, “Look out your d—-d window!”?)

This whole “alternative facts” issue is getting out of hand. Not only do people misunderstand the definition of fact, many are using “alternative facts” interchangeably…

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Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

Tara Sparling writes

Hey Publishers: Could You Skip The Bloody Safety Briefings And Deal Me Some Book Heroin Please

Imagine an addict who not only couldn’t get a fix, but hadn’t even an idea where a fix could be got, no matter how much money or time or how many henchmen they had to search for it.

Six to eight months of the year at least, I’m fine. I can happily dip in and out of my book stash and read for twenty minutes, or until it’s time to stop reading. I can get by on what I have. But I’ve got the shakes these days, and not a heady cure in sight.

Do you ever find yourself reading something and, although it’s perfectly pleasant and all that, and an adequate way to while away the hours—ever get that sneaking suspicion that it’s the literary equivalent of a prescription drug? You’re reading something that’s perfectly palatable. It cures some of your symptoms, but hardly ever gets to the root of the problem.

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Just One Damned Thing After Another: A Review


The title comes from the quote (source unknown) “Love is just one damned thing after another,” and Jodi Taylor, the author adapts the quote at the front to, “History is just one damned thing after another” in her first book in the “Chronicles of St. Mary’s” series dealing with romance and time travel. My first note I wrote about this novel is “I want to read the sequel”, which I knew had been published summer of 2016.

The cover of One Damned Thing …describes it as “A carnival ride through laughter and tears, with a bit of time travel thrown in for spice” (Publishers Weekly), an accurate description. St Mary’s Institute of Historical Research has an unassuming exterior, but inside, the researchers, historians, and technicians don’t time travel but “investigate major historical events in contemporary time.”

Max, Madeline Maxwell, PhD is the main character, best described as “a disaster…

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The Challenging Point of No Return

Share Your Light


It is really funny! Sunday is usually the day when I prepare my Monday post (not the one for the next day but for the following week later 😁). So on that Sunday when I was pondering what I could write about nothing was already on my mind. Hmm… so I was sitting there staring at my laptop, fingers on the keyboard and ready to type but…


empty spaces. That is the moment when I start plan be which is: stop thinking! I stop pondering but look up and say: “Please, tell me what I shall write about!” That way the channel is open.  Then I am doing ordinary things but look out for signs of inspiration. Prior that morning, I made a backup of my laptop. I saw my external memory still lying there and… here we go!


When we are going through life we can find ourselves in situations and circumstances which require…

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